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14 May 2015
We are no longer accepting new developers to this version of Checkout. This version will be retired in the medium term and we will give at least six month's notice to existing Checkout merchants and developers. We will provide further information when Checkout functionality has been integrated in to the new CoinJar.

The information in this documentation is not currently maintained and inaccuracies may be present. Our Support team can offer limited assistance to developers with existing integrations.


CoinJar API uses HTTP Basic authentication over SSL. The Merchant UUID and secret are the only credentials required to access the entire account. 

Use SSL at all times! The endpoint does not accept plain HTTP requests.

You can obtain or revoke your Merchant UUID and Secret at the hidden URL Please note that only one Merchant UUID and Secret can be enabled for one account.

Authenticating to CoinJar API is simple:

If everything goes right, you should receive a response like this:




CoinJar has a Sandbox environment for testing purpose. Instead of using regular Bitcoin block chain, the Sandbox environment uses the testnet3 block chain and testnet3 coins. 

The Sandbox environment has a completely separate account system, so you need to sign up with CoinJar Sandbox and get the appropriate authentication token before using.

Internally, we use CoinJar Sandbox intensively for testing new features before they are released to the Production environment. The Sandbox infrastructure is an isolated and scaled-down version of the Production infrastructure.

This also means that the uptime of CoinJar Sandbox is not guaranteed and from time to time we may perform test migrations and maintenance drills on the infrastructure.

Testing with the Sandbox API is easy as well, just and "-sandbox" to the domain, like this:

Development should start in the Sandbox environment, and move to the live environment when ready for deployment.

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